About my Website

A few years ago I was thinking of building a personal web side to show what my eyes see and what my camera captures but I did not have the time and the knowledge to do so. So I use FlickR and Facebook to show my portfolio to my friends and the world. Now I realize that a personal website is a must for every photographer and I recently started to play with WordPress and the portfolio-press free theme.

As the author of portfolio press say “Portfolio Press is a responsive theme for showcasing, your photography, art, web sites, or other projects . It also works nicely as a regular blog site”. It as a very simple theme and very easy to set up and have a personal website and blog with in few days.

This  web side  uses some Plugins which provide more flexibility to the design add more options. Of course the design of a webpage can be an endless story and depends on the required options as well as the creativity of the designer.

Below is a list of Plugins used. The Plugins can be installed directly from WordPress plugin menu.

Suggested Plugins:

Portfolio Post Type
Options Framework

Optional Plugins
Image Widget
Contact Form Plugin
The Social Links
Gallery Carousel Without JetPack
Flickr Badges Widget

I hope you will enjoy my portfolio. I will try paint it frequently with my best photos from the world around me.

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